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Design Projects

A travel coffee mug that allows the user to keep their coffee hot and heat it further on the go to their desired temperature.

Touch of Warmth

Touch of warmth is a wall art installation placed in multiple cities around the world, enabling people to give and receive warmth from each other. 


loop is a pair of modular sneakers that provide the customer with easy to assemble and customizable two parts of the sneaker made out of healthier materials


Frita is a mobile app primarily designed for individuals between the ages of 20-30 years to help them better track the lifespan of their food items to avoid food waste and therefore plan for more fresh and healthier meals everyday whilst tackling their busy lifestyle with confidence.


Internship project with Skullcandy to reimagine the brand magic through the redesign of XT-free bluetooth earphones for the next generation.

On the Run

The collapsible running shoes series is designed to help people carry their athletic footwear anywhere, anytime with ease. The piece folds into half while always retaining its original shape and strength.

Rolli Pin

Rolli Pin is a universally designed rolling pin that caters to the home and commercial baker. Designed to alleviate strain on the wrist, the dual action roller allows the user to choose between the power and precision grip when necessary.

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