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A travel mug that allows the user to heat up their coffee on the go using their mobile device. 

Made for

Internet of Things




Product Owner


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What if you could heat your coffee while you're travelling ?

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User Journey

IoT Part 2 Smartmug new.jpg

How it works

IoT Part 2 Smartmug new2.jpg
IoT Part 2 Smartmug last 2.jpg


User Feedback and Further Development

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My Reflection

A key learning from Project SmartMug was the importance of scoping the project in order to achieve the minimum viable product as easily & quickly as possible. This was also an important project for me as I not only designed the product but also coded the mug behavior which was both new and difficult. In addition to coding, I also had to understand basic principles of thermodynamics and electrical engineering in order to make my defined product concept a reality. Through this process, I also acquired skills to create a testable mockup even when not all the technical aspects have been figured out in order to get quick user feedback.

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