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Touch of warmth is an art installation placed in multiple cities around the world, enabling people to give and receive warmth from one other. 

We aim to place an internet-connected

wall installation in popular public spaces in 6 big cities. These walls would be open for the public to touch.


Tarika Jain | Kavinish Panther | Eileen Wang | Rahul Sekar 


LEDs light up in

sequence to show 

that the heat is being 

recorded and received

Receive Warmth


eg. 100F 

(via heating element in the wall communicating someone else’s recorded body temperature)

The heat source’s country flag lights up

It will, therefore, invite a range of communities to share their body warmth by the touch of a hand and their warmth would be recorded as an analog value which would be received by another human in a different part of the world. 

We want to collect and share as much warmth feedback as possible, so it is important to place the wall in a highly foot-trafficked place and therefore places like Times Square.


Visual cues such as the brick texture and copper patches on the wall will also be present on the ground, leading people to approach and engage with the installation to seek comfort.


1.    The visitor of the installation will place a hand on         the copper plate labeled "Send Warmth!" on the         wall. 

2.    While the warmth of the visitor's palm is being            recorded, a series of LED lights light up from              above the copper plate, indicating that                      recording is in progress. The LED lights will light        up in the direction of the second copper plate            (receiving end), where the visitor can feel the             warmth of another's hand.


3.    The warmth will be present for 1 minute. While          the copper plate is warmed, a neopixel above            will show the colors of the flag from which the            warmth is from. 

Foamcore wall with imbedded copper plates 

connected to FSR touch sensor(recording side) and 12V Peltier(receiving side), 6 LEDs and a Neopixel


All components are connected in a 2 part circuit 

containing 2 particle argon boards behind the wall.

The peltier (heating source) would randomly select a temperature stored in the cloud and set it as its target temperature for every time a person interacts with the wall.


It will then use a PID(Proportional, Integral, Derivative) algorithm that is connected to the peltier function in the code to get the peltier temperature from room temperature/current temperature to the target temperature by constantly correcting the error between the initial and target value.

Record Warmth


eg. 97F 

(body temperature)

Interpersonal Connection

Longer lives


Lower rates of depression and anxiety

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