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Talf is multipurpose side table for small apartments or rooms which cannot accommodate a lot of furniture. It has two parts to it; A stationary walnut part and a sliding poplar top cum shelf.

Collapsible Furniture

Not enough space for wall shelves

Minimum space for living

The table has a 3-fold function :

1. In its initial or original form, the poplar shelf and top are flushed into the walnut top therefore one can use the walnut top as the table and the poplar shelf. This is beneficial for people who don't have enough space for a broader table.
2. If one wants more space on the top, they can smoothly slide out the poplar top and shelf according to the available space and personal preferance. Then there will be a poplar top in addition to the walnut top.
3. Lastly as mentioned before, the table can be used as a shelf simultaneously.

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